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Tunnel Vision. Music Advertising Network. The more you use our network - the more chances you have. So why not join us today, and start networking your own server?

The Simpulation. Welcome to The Simpulation where only true Kings or Queens are allowed. If you think you're worthy enough for this little world, hop in and enjoy. This is a nice slice of life, chill server where you can talk about your interests, hobbies etc. Revvy's Hangout. Kinky Castle. I ride a bike i think. Community 6. Mtb server shittinf on the retard known as vasko Will be turned into a good server after vasko gets cucked.

Other Welcome to Roleplaystuck! Everyone is welcome. Our rules are simple and we accept OC's as well as having cannon characters. Anime Haven. Identity V community. Hello I'm o I'm redkiss and I'm making a Discord for players so identity players can come and chat and play and joke around about the game There are rules but there nothing too strict an easy-to-follow please come join our community and help us grow and enjoy the game.

Alors rejoins nous!

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Lunar Forest is a magical-themed and active SFW Discord server aimed mainly towards furries, although non-furs are welcome too! So come on down and visit the mystical Lunar Forest, maybe even join our family. We try to stay the most positive we can with caring staff!

Musick to play in the dark. Amateur de musique en tout genre?

discord search all servers

Soyez les bienvenus! Cyber Empire. Technology Members of Cyber Empire share knowledge and experience with other members.Welcome to Eclipse of Butterflies we are a new server featuring different topics like Role-play, Anime, Gaming and more to be added, join us and have fun. Advertising Network is a simple advertising server with over members.

We aim to provide servers with simple advertising which can be used to grow your communities. We also host a weekly free giveaway, that anyone can enter. The winn. A Political Debate server with members from many ideologies! Daily debate topics, exclusive channels, and self-assignable reaction roles.

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Nepsis is a text-based Discord server concerning the traditional Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, focused on resources, theology, prayer, and theosis. Inquirers of many faiths and sober mind are welcome here to learn. This is an emoji server dedicated to Mameshiba. You must have Nitro to use outside the server. We are growing rapidly, and very active.

On this server you can advertise servers, bots, and social networks for free and easily! A Christian server with the ultimate mission of reaching people with the gospel while being a safe and friendly community for Christians first.

Its a wonderful place to advertise your server and get a lot of people on it! Besides of that, we have interesting community! Are you looking for a growing server, bored of all the other servers that are the same and have nothing unique in them?

Well we've got you covered with a bunch of unique features like our amazing sleek looking server design you'll l. This server is mostly about Android or anything Tech related and we try to help people understand their devices better.

'What is Discord?': Everything you need to know about the popular group-chatting platform

Hey there! We at YourSocialHub invite you to join a cordial, astir, and an absolutely incredible community.Visit our support site. All Systems Operational.

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Uptime over the past 90 days. View historical uptime. API Operational 90 days ago. Gateway Operational 90 days ago. Media Proxy? Operational 90 days ago. Voice Operational. EU West Operational. EU Central Operational. Singapore Operational. Sydney Operational. US Central Operational.

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US West Operational. Brazil Operational. Hong Kong Operational. Russia Operational. Japan Operational. South Africa Operational. Degraded Performance. Partial Outage. Major Outage. Major outage. Partial outage.Switch giveaway! Nitro giveaway, Fate GO bot, gacha card game and more! Active and friendly community with over 45k members! We have a lot planned apart from chatting!

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HV, A place built to merge both streamers with every day gaming folk to create an environment where you can networking and foster new relationships! Access to porn channels requires a simple age verification. Server Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch. Is this the right place to join? Is it too small, is it too big? It is neither because it is something in-between.

There aren't many places you can discuss things on your mind, some allow it, other don't. As for here, well, we will see, right? Free boosting will be boosting any rank to silver only. Booster Service is a small independent service with advantageous prices and it's accessible to all! Want to do more than use meditation for relaxing purposes? Join our server and learn how to use meditation for transformation and manifestation.

We are mostly Rp focused but we also have a place for others! The Kingdom is an events based community discord server that gives the power to the people and allows for many communities to come together. Server Search Results: None Members. Gartham's Server Bumped 1 hours ago No description set.

Find friends or LOVE!???In real life, nicknames have a way of sticking with us — even if we don't necessarily love them. But on Discord, nicknames are a choice built into the many options users have for customizing their experience on the platform.

For those who are interested, here's how to change your nickname on Discord you can also change your username if you want to use the same name across multiple servers. Log into your Discord account on your Mac or PC and navigate to the desired server in the left sidebar. Select "Change Nickname" from the menu.

How private is your private Discord server?

Save the nickname you want. You can also change your username for all servers instead of changing only your nickname for a particular server.

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Select the gear icon, located in the bottom-left section of the screen, just below your current username. Select the gear icon at the bottom. Click "Edit" to change your username. Enter your new username and current password in the corresponding fields, then click "Save. Click "Save" when you're done. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile.

Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Devon Delfino. You can easily change your nickname on Discord via the server settings menu. However, if you want to have a more far-reaching impact, you may instead want to change your username, which will be used for all servers on Discord.

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Insider Inc.It's slightly misleading to refer to Discord groups as 'servers. But unlike a rented TeamSpeak server, a Discord 'server' is a subsection of a platform where there are universal rules of conduct and an official moderation team. That got me wondering: Just how private are our private Discord servers? The introduction of the Go Live feature, which allows users to stream games to up to 10 viewers in a voice channel, prompted my questioning.

I noticed that I could stream any program I'm running, including browsers and video players. I wondered if Discord was peeking in on private streams to catch copyrighted films, the way public platforms like YouTube and Twitch would.

The answer is no. There's no one poring over a giant wall of Go Live streams checking to make sure I'm not streaming Highlander 2: The Quickening to my friends.

Gaming Discord Servers

Unless you invited a bunch of Disney and Warner Bros lawyers to your server, you're in the clear. Even if no one's snooping on your private streams, Discord shouldn't be treated like a secure line. Your private messages are not end-to-end encrypted, and data breaches are a possibility on any online platform Discord has a bounty out on vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Discord's trust and safety team does have the ability to read private messages and messages sent in private servers when investigating user reports.

That doesn't mean Discord is spying on you or your server—it's not doing that at all, according to multiple company reps and director of trust and safety Sean Li, who all tell me that proactive monitoring is both logistically impossible and not done by policy. Broadly speaking, Discord's moderation policy is reactive rather than proactive.

Every chat message has a unique ID which users can report.

discord search all servers

If someone reports, say, a threatening DM, a member of the trust and safety team may view the reported message and decide what action to take. When a pattern of behavior is reported, they may view more than a single message. All access to message logs is itself logged, so abuse of the system would be discoverable.

The ability to view messages is solely with the trust and safety team, and all of Discord's trust and safety team members are employees. None of the work is outsourced. Discord also notes on its support page that deleted messages are truly deleted.

They can't view them once they're gone, which on one hand allows abusers to remove evidence, but on the other gives normal users the ability to erase benign chat messages that they simply don't want sitting on a server.

In a blog post, Discord said it received 52, user reports during the first three months of Li says the team views itself as analogous to law enforcement, in that cops don't hang out in your house waiting for you to commit a crime, but will come to your house if someone reports one—the 'crime' in this case being a TOS violation, or, sometimes, an actual crime.

Discord also won't intervene in petty personal disputes which can be solved by one user blocking another, or leaving a server where they aren't getting along. It's only when something serious has happened that it intervenes: targeted harassment, hate speech, threats to others or of self-harm Discord may contact law enforcement in these casesraiding, and so on.

In a blog postthe company said it received 52, user reports during the first three months of That comes to an average of reports per day. According to Discord, if you don't count spam bots, only 0. Discord isn't entirely reactive, however.TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. Discord today revealed it had surpassed million users in time for its fourth anniversary. A Discord server can be lots of things to different people, from a gathering spot for a multiplayer squad to an art show to a political debate platform.

You can log in with your own Discord account to make joining any servers you find more expedient. Credit: Discord. Be discerning about what you find. Discord is an embarrassment of riches, and not everything Discord. Not unwelcome — just not what I was looking for.

discord search all servers

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